We have been training with Larry Crystal over the past 7 years. We saw amazing results just within a month of training with him. He always pushes both of us to be better and stronger, and he always mixes things up to keep us on our toes. Thanks to Larry we are able to take the tools he's taught us and use them in any form of exercise. He's the best!!

Aly & AJ Michalka

I absolutely love training with Larry! I have been working with Larry on my fitness goals since 2012. He not only pushes you to your new potential, he shows you a way to be healthy and fit while having fun. Larry has kept me not only physically strong but mentally. He has helped me get into the best shape of my life! Including prepping me for a Bodybuilding Bikini contest! ~ Not to mention he gives the best massages! HANDS DOWN! (Literally!) Oh, and you got to try the stretch, roll, relax! AMAZING! (I'm OBSESSED!) Thanks Larry for all of your support over the years!

Lisa Lafferty

Larry is a phenomenal personal trainer. Just to give one of many examples - Prior to training with Larry I thought I would never have the upper body strength to do a single pushup, now I can do several in a row. Through his patience, dedication, and personalized training I know I can and will accomplish any fitness goal I set for myself.

Raquel M.

The proof is in the punching! When you train with Larry Crystal, you get results!

I have trained with Larry for 3 years now. Larry’s training techniques will tone and shape your body like no other trainer can. Not only does Larry delivery results when you first start working out with him, but he has the ability to “bring you back” when you slack off. There were a couple times when I could not work out for a while due to illness and work. I started back training with Larry and he resurrected my tone arms and got the rest of my body back into shape in no time! Give your body the best, train with Larry. His “Triple Threat” routine is awesome!