Larry’s training style is unique and dynamic. Depending on the clients needs, Larry’s style is adaptable to each client’s needs and includes a combination of Martial Arts, Kickboxing, boxing, weight, cardio, core, flexibility, plyometrics and general fitness training. Larry uses various angles and speeds allowing you to get the maximum use out of every target muscle making each workout new, fresh, fun and effective.

The CR6 Workout

The CR6 workout is the most revolutionary and efficient all-body workout in the fitness industry. It has been tested and proven to give you the quickest and most effective results. Its unique design and exercises target every muscle to its fullest.

The CR6 consists of three rounds of six different styles of exercise:

Each CR6 workout is tailored to the individual’s goals and fitness level. The CR6 uses your body’s own weight and resistance to strengthen, tone and shape your body to give you that camera ready look.

Stretch Roll and Relax

The Stretch Roll Relax is a unique combination of a full body stretch, a roll out massage and a traditional hand massage. Each technique is tailored to achieve more flexibility, relaxation and rejuvenation . A wonderful mind and body treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and stress free.

Available in 50 and 90 minute sessions.