My massage therapy is the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage treatment you will ever receive. I have been working in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. I am fully professional. I am a graduate of the A2Z Massage School and certified through the California Massage Therapy Council.  I have worked with celebrities, professional athletes, and some of the most prominent people in the business community.  I use only the highest quality equipment and products to make you feel as comfortable and as relaxed as you can be.

Benefits of Massage:

Massage has specific effects on the body, mind and emotions. The benefits of a weekly massage are:


· Reduces stress

· Improves recovery from exercise

· Increases circulation

· Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

· Relaxes muscles

· Increases flexibility

· amera

· Improves body awareness

· Releases endorphins

· Increases lymph flow

· Improves immune function

· Increases mental clarity

· Reduces anxiety

· General feeling of well being

· Stimulates relaxation (improving digestion)

· Improves elasticity of fascia (connective tissue fibers) and separates tissues



· Swedish

· Deep Tissue

· Combo Massage (includes stretching)

· Acupressure Facial Massage (Acupressure Facelift)

· Injury Repair

· Pregnancy 

· European Body Brushing and Scrub